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Active GIF Creator v3.8 (new version!)
Animate Me! v2.0 (new version!)
Image Constructor v2.2 (new version!)
Easy 3D Objects v2.1 (new version!)
Easy Banner Creator v2.6 (new version!)

Easy Banner Creator v1.0 (Free Edition)

About Image Tools Group.

Image Tools Group is a small independent software development team specializing in creation of graphic programs for Web design and in image processing tools for professional and home use. Also we create software for data processing and visualization in scientific and engineering applications.

Millions people use animated images to make own website successful. Our products help create exciting, attention- getting animated images, buttons and banners for your Web site's design, promotion and web presentations.
Rich functionality and ease of use distinguish our software and bring awards and high places in software popularity ratings.
The purpose of this site is to suggest you animation software.

Other line of products under the Image Tools Group brand helps you create image frames, collages and unique graphic designs, add watermarks to your photos, add hidden signatures to GIFs... For brief review, click other software. For more information, please visit


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